About Us

Established in 2018, PT Sumber Kopi Prima proudly presents coffee products that combine finest quality ingredients and superior taste. The passion for coffee drove us towards seeking out the best quality ingredients to create Caffino, 3-in-1 instant coffee made from real coffee and real milk.

The brand started with the belief that people should be able to have the most satisfying cup of coffee whenever they want it. It’s why Caffino exists to elevate the coffee experience for everyone, every time – because extraordinary coffee creates extraordinary moments.

Every cup of Caffino is easily distinguished by its thick foam.  From the first sip, you will experience our finest quality ingredients – a taste that is truly authentic.

The coffee expertise behind the brand come from a long line of Indonesian coffee experience – giving them the knowledge, passion and skill to craft the superior taste that people are enjoying in every cup of Caffino.

Caffino comes in three tantalizing variants to delight all coffee lovers: Kopi Latte Classic, Kopi Latte Choco Hazelnut, and Kopi Latte Mocca.

We are excited for the whole of Indonesia to enjoy the truly authentic 3-in-1 instant coffee that they deserve – one cup of Caffino at a time.


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