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Baristan, a new way to drink coffee as delicious as an expert blend

Coffee lovers now don’t have to bother going to cafes to enjoy their favorite drink when they are busy at work, or want to relax at home.

Because, there is a baristan aka instant coffee barista that can be made at home or in the office.

The term baristan itself is Caffino’s way so that people can enjoy a cup of premium quality coffee by making their own.

“The Dark Cappuccino variant tastes as good as coffee sold in shops or cafes,” said CEO of PT Sumber Kopi Prima, Ihsan Mulia Putri.

Not only that, coffee lovers can also make different creations, as demonstrated by professional barista Muhammad Aga, Chef Jerry Andrean, and celebrity Livy Renata.

In the virtual press conference ‘Baristan – Quality Coffee Solutions at Home’, Aga made a simple coffee drink.

“For me, to produce quality coffee drinks, the main thing is to use ingredients that also have quality,” said Aga.

Chef Jerry creates cold coffee drinks. Then Livy got creative by mixing Caffino Dark Cappuccino with biscuits.

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