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Baristan, Delicious Quality Instant Coffee Concocted by Experts!

Lately, the polemic of the acronym ‘ Baristan ‘ is quite busy on social media. Baristan or Instant Coffee Barista, refers to those who mix the contents of packaged instant coffee.

The word ‘Baristan’ was previously popularized by the Caffino coffee brand owned by PT Sumber Kopi Prima. This is related to the pandemic situation that limits people’s mobility so it inhibits drinking coffee in cafes and coffee shops. Therefore, Caffino aspires to bring the sensation of brewing your own instant coffee made from premium and quality ingredients.

Professional barista Muhammad Aga, chef Jerry Andrean and Livy Renata brewing Caffino (DOK.CAFFINO)

Professional barista Muhammad Aga, chef Jerry Andrean and Livy Renata brewing Caffino (DOK.CAFFINO)

“Baristan or Instant Coffee Barista is actually a passion that we spread to all coffee lovers in Indonesia. That anyone can and can definitely make a delicious cup of instant coffee just like coffee in a cafe,” explained PT Sumber Kopi Prima CEO, Ihsan Mulia Putri, at the “Baristan – Quality Coffee Solution at Home” Press Conference which was held online on Tuesday ( 22/3/2022).

With the development of the Baristan concept, people will certainly be able to brew delicious coffee in their own homes.

This was also approved by the three guest stars who were present, including professional Barista, Muhammad AgaHe assessed that the habit of drinking coffee should not need to distinguish whether the coffee is a professional or an instant blend.

“For me, to produce quality coffee drinks, the main thing is to use ingredients that also have quality. This applies to both professional baristas and ordinary people,” said the 2018 Indonesia Championship Champion.

The same thing was also agreed upon by Chef Jerry Andrean who also attended the press conference. According to him, the most important thing is the quality and taste of the brewed coffee.

Celebrity and social media celebrity,  Livy Renata also admitted that she liked the taste of instant coffee that she tried during the press conference. “Frankly, Livy rarely drinks instant coffee, when Livy drinks coffee, it’s usually in cafes. I just found out now that it turns out that Caffino instant coffee can taste this good,” said Livy.

Regarding the Caffino variant recommended by the guests, the Caffino Dark Cappucino variant with the addition of granule topping seems to be still a favorite, Young Kawula! Do you intend to try?

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