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Baristan Polemic Revealed, Caffino Offers Instant Coffee at the Home of an Expert Concoction

Coffee lovers on social media some time ago stirred up a debate regarding the emergence of the term ‘Baristan’. At first glance, it is similar to the word ‘ Barista ‘ which is a professional coffee brewing expert, later it was discovered that ‘Baristan’ is an acronym for ‘Instant Coffee Barista’.

The concept and term ‘Baristan’ was introduced by packaged instant coffee products from PT Sumber Kopi Prima or better known as Caffino, for coffee connoisseurs in Indonesia.

The CEO of PT Sumber Kopi Prima, Ihsan Mulia Putri, said that the term and concept of ‘Baristan’ is Caffino’s way to facilitate coffee lovers so that they can still enjoy a glass of premium quality coffee by making their own at home.

Without having to have special skills, with Caffino anyone can feel the sensation of making a cup of coffee with a quality that is not inferior to coffee at a favorite shop or cafe.

“Baristan or Instant Coffee Barista is actually a passion that we spread to all coffee lovers in Indonesia. That anyone can and can definitely make a delicious cup of instant coffee just like coffee in a cafe. Caffino, especially the Dark Cappuccino variant, can be the right choice to become an Instant Coffee Barista and enjoy quality coffee,” explained Ihsan Mulia Putri at the “Baristan – Quality Coffee Solution at Home” Press Conference which was held online, Tuesday (22/3).

Ihsan explained that the spirit of ‘Baristan’ that was carried by Caffino could not be separated from the pandemic situation which forced people to reduce activities outside the house such as going to coffee shops.

Brewing your own instant coffee at home is considered to be a solution as well as a sensation in enjoying coffee. However, so that the taste does not disappoint, instant coffee products are needed that have premium and quality ingredients.

“Each variant of Caffino has the advantage of having a stronger coffee taste because it is made from premium ingredients, namely real coffee and real milk. Even for coffee fanatics, the Caffino Dark Cappucino variant has the addition of granule topping from real coffee. So that in every sip, the coffee will taste strong like the quality of coffee like a barista in a cafe,” he said.

On the same occasion, a number of public figures also spoke about the concept of ‘Baristan’ which at first had sparked a polemic in cyberspace. Starting from the figure of Professional Barista Muhammad Aga, Chef Jerry Andrean who is the Champion of MasterChef Indonesia Season 7, to the currently popular celebrity and coffee connoisseur Livy Renata.

Muhammad Aga considered that despite the debates that arose, drinking coffee is a culture that has been rooted in most Indonesians for a long time.

According to the 2018 Indonesia Barista Championship Champion, many positive things and impacts are formed from the habit of drinking coffee, without having to discriminate about the choice of professional blended coffee or instant coffee.

“For me, to produce quality coffee drinks, the main thing is to use ingredients that also have quality. This applies to both professional baristas and laypeople. I see that Caffino is guaranteed from the quality of the basic ingredients of coffee and milk. So even ordinary people can have choices and ways to make their coffee, which results are also delicious and of good quality,” explained the figure who also played in the film Filosofi Kopi.

The same thing was expressed by Chef Jerry Andrean who said that coffee is one of the favorite drinks of the Indonesian people which can be enjoyed in various ways and opportunities.

According to Jerry, Caffino instant coffee can be the right choice for people to make their coffee drinks easily without losing the quality that is often identified with cafe coffee.

“Just like cooking, making coffee that is considered delicious doesn’t always have to be with complicated methods or techniques. There are times when simply we can make a delicious coffee dish. For example, with Caffino Dark Cappuccino coffee, as long as the temperature and the amount of water are right and the method of brewing is correct, then a cup of coffee will taste great,” said Chef Jerry.

The enjoyment of Caffino coffee is also recognized by a figure who is famous on social media lately, Livy Renata. The figure who is popular because of his innocence and high-class lifestyle even admits that he has rarely tasted instant coffee in his entire life. Accustomed to serving coffee in cafes or restaurants, Livy was surprised when she first took a sip of Caffino coffee.

“Frankly, Livy rarely drinks instant coffee, when Livy drinks coffee, it’s usually in cafes. I just found out now that it turns out that Caffino instant coffee can taste this good. I think if it’s easy like this, Livy can also make her own and it’s delicious. Maybe next time Livy will become a Baristan,” he laughed. (ziz)

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