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Caffino Introduces The Baristan Concept, Sensation of Making Coffee at Home Like a Barista

Term Baristan may sound foreign to coffee lovers. Although at first glance similar to the word Barista, Barsitan itself is an abbreviation of Instant Coffee Barista.

The term Baristan was first introduced by Caffino, a packaged instant coffee product from PT Sumber Kopi Prima. According to the CEO of PT Sumber Kopi Prima, Ihsan Mulia Putri, with the term Baristan, everyone can make and be creative in making their coffee at home.

“Although in the packaging ( sachets ), we pay attention to the presentation so that it is similar to a cafe so that people can have delicious coffee at home, the concept is easy. With the Baristan concept, everyone can become a barista themselves, of course with Caffino Dark Cappuccino,” Putri said on a virtual media talk show a few days ago.

The term Baristan is very suitable to describe the current conditions. Especially amid a pandemic, the habit of hanging out in coffee shops can no longer be made like before until the COVID-19 pandemic condition is declared safe.

“Here, we want to present a solution for drinking coffee as good as it is in cafes, during the pandemic, you can still do activities from home while enjoying Caffino. This is also an inspiration for quality coffee at home,” he explained.

Putri said that the trend of drinking coffee has become Indonesian culture. If in the past drinking coffee was synonymous with parents, now the trend of drinking coffee has become a culture for the younger generation of millennials.

In line with Putri, celebrity Livy Renata said that the Baristan concept initiated by Caffino is very suitable for the younger generation, because young people can now easily make barista-style coffee in cafes.

“I never imagined that instant coffee could be this good. I never imagined that Caffino tastes the same as what a barista makes in a cafe, I never imagined it could be that good and I’m personally more efficient, where does it taste better,” said Livi.

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