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Getting to know the Baristan Profession which is currently being debated

Some time ago, social media was shocked by the debate over the term ‘Baristan’ because at first glance it was similar to the word ‘Barista’ which is a profession that is an expert in concocting coffee drinks. Recently, it was discovered that ‘Baristan’ is an acronym for ‘Instant Coffee Barista’. The concept and term ‘Baristan’ was actually introduced by packaged instant coffee products from PT Sumber Kopi Prima or better known as Caffino, for coffee connoisseurs in Indonesia.

In a press conference, Ihsan Mulia Putri, as CEP of PT Sumber Kopi Prima, said that the concept of ‘Baristan’ is Caffino’s way to support coffee lovers so that they can still enjoy a cup of premium quality coffee by making it yourself at home. The process of making this cup of coffee does not require special skills like a barista in general.

The spirit of ‘Baristan’ promoted by Caffino is also a solution for coffee lovers in the midst of a pandemic situation that limits their space to go to cafes and sip their favorite cup of coffee fresh. No need to step out of the house anymore, just make it yourself at home and a cup of premium quality coffee is ready to be enjoyed.

“Each variant of Caffino has the advantage of having a stronger coffee taste because it is made from premium ingredients, namely real coffee and real milk. Even for coffee fanatics, the Caffino Dark Cappucino variant has the addition of granule topping from real coffee. So that in every sip, the coffee will taste strong like the quality of coffee like a barista in a cafe,” said Ihsan.

On the same occasion, Professional Barista Muhammad Aga was also present, Chef Jerry Andrean who is the Champion of MasterChef Indonesia Season 7, to the currently popular celebrity and coffee connoisseur Livy Renata. Some time ago Muhammad Aga and Chef Jerry Andrean had a heated debate on social media about the ‘Baristan’ profession.

Despite all these debates, both of them agreed that coffee is a culture that has been rooted in most Indonesian people and is often enjoyed at every opportunity. They also agree that a quality coffee should be made from good quality ingredients.

“I see that Caffino is guaranteed from the quality of the basic ingredients of coffee and milk. So even ordinary people can have choices and ways to make their own coffee, which results are also delicious and of good quality,” said Aga. “Just like cooking, making coffee that is considered delicious does not have to be always with a complicated method or technique. There are times when in a simple way we can also make delicious coffee. For example with Caffino Dark Cappuccino coffee, as long as the temperature and the amount of water are right and the brewing method is right, then a cup of coffee will definitely taste great, ” added Chef Jerry.

The enjoyment of Caffino coffee is also recognized by a figure who is famous on social media lately, Livy Renata. The figure who is popular because of his innocence and high-class lifestyle even admits that he has almost never tasted instant coffee in his entire life. Accustomed to serving coffee in cafes or restaurants, Livy was surprised when she first took a sip of Caffino coffee.

“Frankly, Livy rarely drinks instant coffee, when Livy drinks coffee, it’s usually in cafes. I just found out now that it turns out that Caffino instant coffee can taste this good. I think if it’s easy like this, Livy can also make her own and it’s definitely delicious. Maybe next time Livy will actually become a Baristan,” he laughed.

The excitement of the event did not stop until the talk session. Aga, Chef Jerry, and Livy also demonstrated how they enjoyed Caffino Dark Cappuccino. Starting from Chef Jerry who demonstrated how easy it is to make the original Caffino variant which is simply brewed with hot water. Followed by Aga who made Ice Shaken Caffino and served it with a sweet appearance thanks to the addition of edible flowers on top. Aga and Chef Jerry also collaborated to serve the Ice Biscoff Caffino dish by mixing the speculoos biscuit with the coffee blend. Not to forget Livy also demonstrated her favorite way of enjoying coffee, namely by adding whipping cream on top.

Caffino already has several flavor variants, such as Classic Latte Coffee, Mocca Latte Coffee, Choco Hazelnut Latte Coffee, and Premium Caffino Bold Latte Coffee for lovers of strong coffee flavors, and the newest variant Caffino Dark Cappuccino with original coffee topping. “We will always keep abreast of the times so that we can continue to provide coffee variants that are more attractive to our consumers and of course in an easy way, just brewed it,” concluded Ihsan ending the event.

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