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Instant Coffee Packaged Caffino Introduces the term Baristan

PT. Sumber Kopi Prima, which was established in 2018, is a coffee producer in Indonesia with a business model that focuses on FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). In 2019, PT Sumber Kopi Prima launched the DelizioCaffino or Caffino Brand, a 3-in-1 instant latte coffee product. Even though it is instant coffee, Caffino presents natural ingredients, namely real coffee and real milk.

Caffino itself was born from a simple dream that aims for all Indonesian people to get and taste quality coffee. Until now, quality coffee is synonymous with coffee that can only be enjoyed in certain cafes or coffee shops. Seeing this situation, Caffino is presented to be able to fulfill the wishes of people who want to enjoy quality coffee anytime and anywhere in the form of sachets.

Recently, Caffino introduced the concept and term ‘Baristan’ which means ‘Instant Coffee Barista’. The term and concept of ‘Baristan’ is Caffino’s way of facilitating coffee lovers to continue to enjoy a glass of premium quality coffee by making their own at home. Even without having special skills, by serving Caffino, anyone can feel the sensation of making a cup of coffee with a quality that is not inferior to a cup of coffee in a cafe.

“Baristan or Instant Coffee Barista is actually a passion that we spread to all coffee lovers in Indonesia. Anyone can and certainly can make a cup of instant coffee that is just as delicious as coffee in a cafe. Each variant of Caffino has the advantage of a stronger coffee taste because it is made from premium ingredients, namely real coffee and real milk. Caffino, especially the Dark Cappuccino variant, can be the right choice to become an Instant Coffee Barista and enjoy quality coffee. This Caffino Dark Cappuccino has additional granule topping from real coffee,” explained Ihsan Mulia Putri as CEO of PT. Prime Coffee Source.

On the same occasion, Muhammad Aga, a Professional Barista, was also present, Chef Jerry Andrean, who is the Champion of MasterChef Indonesia Season 7, to the currently popular celebrity and coffee connoisseur, Livy Renata. The three of them had the opportunity to enjoy delicious and quality Caffino coffee creations like coffee in a coffee shop.

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